Yoga & Prayanam


Both, yoga and pranayam are crucial for the body as it not only improves our physical health but mental health as well. At Nirog Bharat, we have yoga and pranayam classes in which we teach light exercises, asanas, and breathing exercises along with haasya kriya. Each of them has deep and positive effect on health and wellness.


With yoga, you can improve your posture, flexibility and increase your energy levels. You can even achieve weight loss, stress reduction, and good all-round fitness. Happy life and focused mind – these two factors come as a bonus when you practice yoga.

Breathing exercises like kapalbhati and anulom vilom have incredible effects on the body and doing these pranayam can be the best thing you will do to your health. Kapalbhati is great for the people who have a weak immune system. This breathing exercise helps in boosting the immunity, improving memory, enhancing beauty and aids in healthy body organs.


Anulom vilom work wonders for diabetic and blood pressure patients. The doshas of the body – pitta, kapha, and vata are regularized. It controls obesity, treats migraines, overcome anger, tension, lack of sleep and other mental issues.

By doing yoga and pranayam, people are able to cure many diseases easily. With our six days naturopathy workshop, people have achieved several benefits. You can also take advantage of our program by calling us on our number.

Feel free to check out the testimonies of people at our YouTube channel.

At Nirog Bharat, we make sure each of you get maximum benefits from our 6 days naturopathy workshop. We would love to see you healthy and happy!