Yagya & Lecture


Yagya! Apart from the holy ritual, it is a therapy for the body. At Nirog Bharat, yagya is the daily activity. There is an array of benefits of yagya, and this is the reason we never let any day go without performing it. Yagya fumes as well as vapours have positive effects on the health of anyone who is attending it.

It’s a known fact that up to ninety-four percent of the harmful germs that are present in the air are destroyed by the smoke of yagya. This procedure incredibly enhances the atmosphere that further reduces the chances of spreading of the diseases.

In fact, according to the research, smoke and fumes of the sacrificial fire tend to stay in the atmosphere for thirty days. That is why we focus on doing yagya. Moreover, the vedic mantras that are chanted while performing scarifies create a positive aura.

Its aroma also helps in doing wonders for health. The medicinal fumes that emanate from it have great effects on the surroundings as well. Yagya not only heals the atmosphere but heals all the presented individuals.

At Nirog Bharat, Guruji delivers motivation lecture after performing yagya. He tells about the benefits of the yagya, which are backed by scientific studies. The lectures are very inspiring and motivating.

We ask everyone to wear white clothes for attending the yagya so that they can take the maximum benefits from the sacrificial fire. Feel free to contact our number for more details.