Sunbath is traditional hydrotherapy, which is very beneficial for the body. At Nirog Bharat, we also have this hydrotherapy in our list treatments. Basking in the sun is crucial as sunbathing has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It has numerous benefits such as – it increases endurance, positive ions, nourishes the muscles, enhances the functionality of kidney, maintains the amount of alkali in the body, treats skin issues, and a list of the advantages of sunbath goes on.

At our center, sunbath is a regular activity. In this, individuals are exposed to the sunlight until they sweat. We provide them with the plastic sheet which they use to cover themselves. As the sunlight can be intense sometime, so we suggest them to always cover their head with a wet towel. This period can be increased according to their convenience. Sunbath is taken when the sun rays are gentle so that people do not experience any burning sensation or any kind of discomfort.

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