Netis and Kriyas


We at Nirog Bharat also teach you netis and kriyas so that you can take maximum benefit when you are with us. Jal neti (nasal cleansing yoga) is done to breathe well and is effective in cleansing the path from nostrils to the throat. It improves the sense of smell, quality of meditation and very much beneficial for asthmatic patients. Doing this on a daily basis for a week can also improve the vision. It helps in soothing the sensitive tissues and clears our all dirt as well as bacteria from the nostrils.

In order to keep oneself free from infection, the individual must make sure that the nose is dried properly after doing jal neti otherwise it might cause an infection.

We also teach oil neti which helps in lubricating the walls of nostrils. Rubber neti is another effective neti which is the best treatment for sinus. People who have chronic sinus should do this neti and they will see that they do not have anymore nasal blockages. Rubber neti is also an ultimate solution to those people who have cold and sneezing issues. All of these netis have healing effects, which further gives you disease-free life.

Kunjal kriya or vaman dhauti is done to eliminate all the toxins from the stomach. People who have digestive issues are advised to do this kriya as it cleans the digestive tract. It is helpful in gas, acidity and other stomach problems. It purifies food pipe, mouth, rectum, intestines and stomach. This kriya is done by drinking the saline water and then vomiting it out. It is advised to do kunjal kriya on an empty stomach in the morning.

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