Mud has several medicinal properties and it can help in treating several issues of the body. At Nirog Bharat, we work step by step. We apply a sheet of mud on the abdomen, which enhances the function of abdominal organs. Mud therapy is a very effective treatment as it has a myriad of benefits. It relieves indigestion and when it is applied to head, it gives relief from pain. Mud is also applied on the eyes in order to treat eye allergy and itching, glaucoma, conjunctives etc.

Mud, which we use, is taken from the three to four feet depth from the ground so that it does not have any manures or stones.

Soaked mud (smooth and clean) is also applied on the face and other body parts. It is beneficial in treating acne, dark circles and aids in enhancing skin complexion. It has cooling effects on the body, which further opens the skin pores.

MudBath is the ultimate step and in this, an individual is set within the hollow ground. After that, dried mud is set all over the body. It’s only the face that is out of the ground. This is very effective treatment for skin disease, constipation, high blood pressures and many more health issues. You can check out the videos on out YouTube channel to get the better idea.