Body Steam


At Nirog Bharat, we give local steam and full body steam to all the individuals. Both of these methods excel in improving blood circulation. These steams help in rejuvenating and relaxing. Particularly, it comes in the category of hydrotherapy, which is in practice since years. Water has healing properties and we make use of it to offer you the ultimate solution for your body.

Local steam is used for particular body parts like stomach and back. This type of therapy reduces pain, excess belly fat, and helps in soothing the internal organs so that they can function properly. After taking local steam, the body part is covered with the wet cotton cloth for 15 minutes. This helps in keeping the heat within the body in order to absorb itself.

Full body steam is very helpful for people who suffer from acute and chronic pains. It even assists in detoxifying the body and giving a sense of relaxation, and relief. In this, steam is given to the full body of the individuals and after sometime, they have to take a cold shower immediately. This type of therapy opens the pores of the skin and makes it fresh and light.

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